How To Maintain Health

How To Maintain Health
Environment and climate should be appropriate for keeping good health. Environmental factors such as a dense forest, clean water, fresh air and sun directly affect the human body’s health. Climatic factors such as temperature, humidity, and wind should also be appropriate for human body.
To maintain good health, we should increase the strength of resistance to disease and immune system to inhibit the body from recurrent disease and prevent the invasion by bacterial virus. When the virus or bacteria invades, all functions of the body can’t be normalized. Therefore, we should increase the strength of resistance and immune system for maintaining health. Following are the methods to maintain health.


1. Take a moderate Exercise
Moderate exercise includes all the movement that you are doing from morning to evening and all labors that you can do by yourself. In general, it is recommended to take at least 10,000 steps daily, however, we usually walk for about 500~1000 steps in average. It takes about fifty minutes to take 10,000 steps every day.
Foot massager developed by KHT is designed for taking foot exercise without any restriction of time and place. Therefore, you can take a foot exercise with listening to music or watching TV. Foot exercise is very helpful for relieving such conditions as constipation, simple arthritis or lumbago, especially hypertension and cardiac disease.
Foot exercise is also effective for relieving swollen the face which occurs in the early stage of nephritis as well as losing weight on the abdomen. However, excessive workouts do not contribute to good health.

2. Improve Vigor
Those who are full of energy do not easily fall into illness, feel little fatigue and recover from illness rapidly when attacked with disease, whereas those who lack vigor tend to feel tired easily and suffer from constant illness and recover very slowly from illness. Vigor is related to the body temperature even though it is not easy to define the concept of vigor accurately. Those who keep a warm temperature in the hands, feet, and abdomen don’t usually suffer from constant slight illness. Therefore, it is important to keep a warm temperature by taking something hot, taking a sauna or sleeping in a warm place for people with a lowtemperature. In addition, moxibustion is recommended for keeping warm temperature.
KHT moxibustion makes the brain clear and the mind comfortable. As a result, a feeling of fatigue can be rapidly relieved after doing a moxibustion for three to five times daily. Furthermore, moxibustion helps the unbalanced pulse change into the balanced pulse. Therefore, chronic and severe cases can be treated if doing a moxibustion for a long period because the evil energy of disease tends to hate the heat stimulation.

3. Take Wholesome Nutrition
The basic root of good health lies in taking proper foods suitable for one’s constitution because nutrition is essential to maintain a healthy life. Either excessive or deficient
nutrition is all related to the cause of illness. In particular, an unbalanced or excessive intake of food may lead to aggravation of conditions such as obesity, cardiac disease, hypertension, diabetes, disc problems, cancer, allergy, chronic or organic disease.  To take balanced foods, it is more nutritious to take brown rice or cooked rice mixed with miscellaneous grains than white rice and to take meat served with a sufficient amount of vegetables. The choice of food appropriate for one’s constitution is very helpful for preventing all diseases except for the conditions requiring acute surgery or malignant disease.
The Five Jang-Bu organs that are composed of the liver, heart, spleen, lung, and kidney govern the mechanism of human body. Therefore, each organ plays its important role for activating each function normally. If one Jang-Bu organs is deficient, then the relevant Jang-Bu organs become diseased. The deficient Jaug-Bu organs can recover from disease by providing proper nutrition. For instance, the lung governs the respiratory system, skin and energy. If the function of the liver is deficient, the respiratory system and skin become diseased. Therefore, we should supply enough nutrition to the deficient organs based on the patient’s constitution. The ‘Sooji Food Therapy’ developed by KHT is designed to help the deficient function of Jang-Bu organs and to activate normal function of the Jang-Bu orgnas.

4. Application of Health Instruments developed in KHT
All instruments developed in Koryo Hand Therapy are designed to regulate the amount of the blood flowing into the brain. KHT therapy is very effective in preventing disease and as well as recovering from disease because the regulation of the blood flow applying KHT instruments results in the regulation of the autonomic nerve and hormones. However, imitated instruments are unable to regulate the blood flow. In KHT, the function of the body can be activated by applying health instruments such as the Five Element Bolo Tie, Belt, Necklace, Bracelets, Ring, Foot Massager, Hot-Pack. Instruments such as Magnets, E-Beam, T-Pellets are also used for preventing fatigue. However, the most essential instrument applied in KHT is Hand Massager, Heavy-Duty locator, Point Locator, Yin yang Stone Ring or Bracelets for doing hand exercise. Therefore, use KHT instruments when you still feel fatigue or pain even though you applied other types of treatment. For simple cases, it is sufficient to recover from fatigue after one to five time’s application of KHT instruments. However, severe injury of tissue, inflammation, or organic disease take a longer time to treat completely. All symptoms of diseases should be treated in the early stage, then you can treat the causative factors of symptoms as well as treating disease because KHT therapy increases resistance to disease.
Correspondence Therapy, Micromeridian Therapy, Special Therapy in KHT are all very effective for treating disease. You can live a healthy life by following the methods to keep health as mentioned in the above. While Koryo Hand Therapy is effective in treating a wide range of ailments such as disc herniation, hypertension, diabetes, degenerative disease, stomachache, uterine problems, cardiac disease, infertility, rheumatic arthritis, allergy and stroke, there are limits to what it can do. “clearly, conditions that require surgery and infectious diseases cannot be cured using hand acupuncture.

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