Care for Sleeping Bag / Washing of Sleeping Bag

Care for Sleeping Bag
1. Do not wash the sleeping bag if possible.
2. Frequent washing makes heat insulating materials on a waterproofing layer easily damaged, resulting in a lowered function and a shortened life span.
3. Choose dark colors that pick up less dirt.
4. Always dry well the sleeping bag after sleeping.
5. Put the sleeping bag in the exclusive bag when packing up to take up less space.
6. Place it at a place without humidity and direct sunlight when keeping the sleeping bag at home.
7. Put the sleeping bag in a well-ventilated mesh bag to maintain its resilience.
8. For the best effect, put the sleeping bag in a place like a blanket chest with it spread.

Washing of Sleeping Bag
1. Dissolve a neutral detergent, and then soak the sleeping bag in lukewarm water of about 30℃.
2. Do not rub. Rub and press with fingers to remove smell and dirt only.
3. Spread the dirty part well at even floor, and then soak a soft sponge with a detergent to wipe away the dirt.
4. For easy washing, put the sleeping bag in a place like a bathtub and tread it with the feet.
5. Run slowly when washing the sleeping bag in a washing machine so that its cloth cannot be torn.
6. Remove water when drying the sleeping bag, and then dry it in the shade with it widely spread.
7. After drying out, tap the sleeping bag with a thing like wood to untangle the lumped feather.
8. Oil ingredients of feather are removed and the feather is easily broken if you have the sleeping bag dry-cleaned at a laundry.

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