Diseases that can be well cured & Limits in Treatment of Soojichim

Limits in Treatment of Koryo Soojichim Therapy


A therapeutic range of Koryo Sooji Therapy is so extensive that it cannot be recorded. It will be easier to introduce non-curable diseases with Koryo Sooji Therapy, rather than listing curable diseases with Koryo Sooji Therapy. Above all, what is recommended is that what cannot be considered to be treated with Sooji Therapy should be listed using common sense. However, since Sooji Therapy has unimaginable and incredible efficacy beyond human’s imagination, this can be a rough guide of it.

Diseases that requires surgery,
However, if a patient is at the beginning of a chronic disease, he or she can be treated with Sooji Therapy.

Some of infectious diseases may be treated with Sooji Therapy, such as cholera, malaria, typhoid, etc.

Various Cancers
Sooji Therapy is clinically proved to be certainly effective for the prevention of various cancers and early treatment. Especially in Japan, it is known that there is a great efficacy in cancer treatment or pain relief, life extension, and elimination of pain symptoms.

Various Adult Diseases
Sooji Therapy has great efficacy in the prevention and early treatment of adult diabetes, including high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, kidney disease, etc. In the case of end-stage diseases it is somewhat effective in the reduction of pain and the extension of life.

Organic Diseases (Organopathy)
Sooji Therapy has excellent efficacy even in organopathy and a good recovery effect if it is chronic at a beginning stage. Although Organic Diseases or incurable diseases are claimed to be sometimes cured by the long-term treatment, those illnesses are universally obstinate diseases in principle.

Degenerative Diseases
For degenerative diseases, which appear as aging process proceeds, radical cure for degenerative diseases may be difficult to achieve. However, Sooji Therapy has excellent efficacy in removing part of the pain from degenerative diseases or extending life. In addition, severe shock, bruise, and damage on other human organs are not the objectives of Sooji Therapy.

Diseases that can be well cured with Koryo Soojichim Therapy


The neuropathic pain and the pain caused by functional disorders
Koryo Soojichim Therapy is very effective in analgesic effect in various pain syndrome caused by no distinct etiology. It has also excellent efficacy in relieving the headache (including migraine), back neck pain, shoulder pain various spine pain, back pain, lower limb neuralgia, arthralgia, wrist pain, elbow sickness, and various muscular pain, gout, and every intestine pain (including stomach pain, heart pain, menstrual pain, bowel pain, appendicitis pain, eye pain, toothache, ear pain, etc) In this case, the therapy includes the acupuncture therapy, I38, and H2, and in the case of recurrence, Seoam Moxibustion is accompanied in the treatment in order to complement a patient’s vitality. Furthermore, it applies treatment while controlling the function of organs’ deficiency (Huh) and excess (Sil). Also, when pain symptoms are shown, a Sooji rod or a Seoam rod is available. When pain symptoms are extreme, severe irritation of Sooji needles or phlebotomy is necessary. And the therapy may even be good for various muscle pain and rheumatoid diseases. Sooji Therapy has a strong analgesic effect.

Soojichim Therapy has an excellent efficacy in controlling the functions of viscera
If there is a malfunction in a body’s major organs, 12 viscera, many symptoms will appear and a lot of diseases will be generated. And the deteriorated function of those viscera will cause pain directly in the intestines. The therapy is very effective in mild intestine pain and non-cancerous ordinary pain symptoms (has analgesic effect on even a slight malignant pain), thus having excellent efficacy on heart pain, stomach pain, liver pain, pancreatic pain, gallstone pain, bowel pain, appendicitis pain, lower abdominal pain, menstrual pain, kidney pain, bladder pain, and kidney pain.

The therapy also has a great efficacy in stabilizing the mind.
It has an efficient efficacy for mental improvement at the time of emotional instability, poor concentration, anemia, memory loss, forgetfulness, dizziness, mental ability decline, neurasthenia, and mental illness.

The therapy’s effects are excellent for the prevention and the early treatment of illnesses
The typical adult diseases are hypertension, diabetes, obesity, degenerative arthritis, heart disease, and asthma. If the prevention and early treatment are applied, the therapy’s performance is beyond comparison with other types of medicine in its effects.

The therapy has an excellent effect in a variety of viral diseases.
Although inflammatory diseases caused by viruses are substantially incurable or are hard to cure, the use of Sooji Therapy enables the practitioners to have effective results. Virus diseases can be effectively treated if the treatment is accompanied with the Seoam moxibustion, acupuncture therapy, and functional adjustment in order to raise the body’s immune system. Therefore, there have been often cases in which type B viral hepatitis also are overcome.

The therapy prevents various kinds of cancers and the effect of early treatment is demonstrated.   
Controlling the functions and using the method for enhancing one’s vitality and immune system, one can prevent cancers. In Japan and some other countries, it has been reported that lung cancer and spinal cord cancer has been treated and recovered back to normal conditions. In Korea, there has appeared the successful treatment of cancer from time to time.

The therapy enables regulation on functions for defective post-natal development
The therapy has a key efficacy in the growth of breasts, lactation adjustment, child growth, and sluggish growth for young female’s uterus.


In addition, the therapy has efficacy in the diseases caused by the infertility treatment for men and women and in the treatment of various blood circulation disorders.
The therapy has an excellent efficacy in a wide range of symptoms in skin, eyes, a nose, ears, a mouth, and a genital organ.

Therefore, as more research on Sooji Therapy has been applied, its scope of application has been wider.

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