Good foods for brain health


Good foods for brain health
Recently, we can find a lot of articles talking about the way how to keep the brain healthy as the diseases related to brain increased. Among other, healthy brain is a must to live a pleasant and happy life. We would like to introduce foods good for the healthy brain, which you can easily take in the daily life.

1. Salmon


Omega-3 fatty acids such as EPA, DHA, etc. in Salmon are the ingredients that help the brain keep healthy. Those ingredients prevent high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, heart disease, stroke, etc. In addition, as rich in vitamin D, it helps to absorb calcium and several kinds of vitamins B promote growth and alleviate digestion as well as ease gastrointestinal disorders. Salmon meat is composed of 20% of a good quality protein and good for the geriatric diseases such as Alzheimer.

2. Nuts


According to recent studies, eating 28.4g of nuts a day was found to reduce heart disease by 20% to 60% and American Heart Association announced that a man who consumed nuts five or more times a week could reduced angina cordis by half. The nuts contain protein, dietary fiber, vitamin E and anti-oxidants like selenium as well as omega-3 fatty acids that lower the bad LDL cholesterol in our bodies. Eating nuts regularly lower the risk of heart disease. In addition, nuts increase resistance to cancer and destroy free radicals that may cause proliferation of some tumor cells which can lead to cancer.

3. Broccoli


100g of broccoli contains 370mg potassium that lowers risk of blood pressure and also contain folic acid that reduces the risk of birth defects and prevent anemia in pregnant women as well as chromium beneficial to diabetics. Taking broccoli boiled with onions reduce headache and chills of early symptoms of colds and it is recommendable for the people who are under heavy stress or who want beautiful skin. Broccoli contains a large amount of anti-cancer ingredients such as Beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, lutein, selenium, fiber, etc. and it also contains indole to detoxify carcinogens. It has been published in several epidemiological studies that broccoli lower the risk of lung cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer, etc.

4. Dark chocolate


Cocoa, the main components of chocolate, is rich of antioxidant polyphenol. It is known that it contains polyphenol more than twice of the same amount of red wine, three times of green tea, five times of black tea.
Polyphenol have been reported that it inhibits free radicals that cause atherosclerosis, cancer and aging and prevent cardiovascular disease and hypertension such as such as angina cordis or myocardial infarction and also be effective for stress and allegies. In addition, it is effective in senile dementia or stroke as it helps blood flow in the major parts of the brain.

5. Avocados


The pulp has a higher fat and protein content than any other fruits but the taste is not sweet. Fruit is used as a vegetable mostly for salads so nickname is butter fruit. The oil extracted from the fruit is used to improve skin as it penetrates into skin very well. The bark and the leaves is used for treatment of stomach, breast disease and menstrual period adjustment and seeds help to treat diarrhea. And linoleic acid, unsaturated fatty acids, mitigate stress of brain as well as promote blood circulation of the brain preventing oxidation and degradation of cholesterol.

6. Eggs


Egg is a perfect food that contains essential amino acids. obglobulin G1 destroys the cell membrane of the bacterium to prevent bacteria from entering the egg functioning antimicrobial activity. Obmucoid is reported that it suppress appetite and help prevention of obesity. Egg white contains avidin that destroy biotin and antitrypsin that inhibit digestion of the protein but both of these are destroyed when heated. Egg yolk phospholipids is an ingredient that compose brain cells and a neuronal and necessary to enhance intelligence, memory, dementia and aging. Lecithin in the phospholipid reduces cholesterol in the blood once absorbed into the body. But egg yolk is not recommended to take much as it has rich cholesterol.

Eating some foods good for brain may help health care of brain. Eat well and do exercise that is helpful for the brain.

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