Hand Therapy – Moxa Usage


Hand Therapy – Moxa Usage


1. Take off the sticker at the bottom of the moxa. (It sticks on the hand easily. But don’t give a pressure too hard)
2. If it is pressed hard, it will not be easy to take off the moxa to move to another point
3. Place a moxa on the hand, light it with a lighter or match and wait until it burns out. If the heat becomes too uncomfortable, lift the moxa with the tweezers and put it on another point or on the floor.


The candle can be used. Light the moxa first with the tweezers and place the moxa on the hand.  At first, place and light only one. If you feel the moxa is too hot, the round stickers can be used. Stick the round sticker on the hand and place a moxa on the round sticker. The beginners should not place many moxa tubes on the hand. Put just 2 or 3 moxa tubes on the points and place 2 more on the other points.  After getting used to doing moxibustion, you can put as many as you need. When you are doing moxibustion, always prepare the tweezers and newspaper not to burn the floor in case you drop the moxa. You have to be extremely careful if the children are around.


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