Is it difficult to choose sleeping bags for winter?

Is it difficult to choose sleeping bags for winter?

This is a season you cannot go camping without sleeping bags. The sleeping bags don’t generate heat per se, but it retains the heat generated by our body. Simply speaking, the sleeping bags are built to retain our body heat, and let out moisture away from our body.

Winter Sleeping bag

The materials inside of sleeping bags come from ducks. We extract feathers and down feathers. The duck down retains the heat, while the feathers keep the down from balling up, and they provide the support. The ratio should be 9:1(Down:Feather). It is said that goose down is better than duck down, but what is important is that size of the bird it is sourced from. Since we don’t harvest the feathers from the birds directly, we must rely on measurements. There are some specific terminologies when dealing with sleeping bags, and we have explained some of them in detail.

Fill power (FP) : This indicates the restoring force of the down. When one ounce of down is put into a cylinder and compressed, the more it bounces back up, better the quality of the down, due to its content of air, which aids in heat retainability.

EN13537 Test : It is a measurement of internal temperature of sleeping bags in accordance with EU Industrial Standards on Jan 1, 2005. It is not designated by law. Be sure to purchase after checking appropriate temperature, and the minimum recommended temperature according to the environment it is going to be used in.

Maximum temperature, Upper Limit : The upper temperature range in which a 80kg man sleep comfortably

Comfortable temperature, Comfort : The temperature in which a 60kg woman can sleep comfortably

The minimum temperature, Lower Limit : The minimum temperature in which a 80kg man sleep comfortably

Extremely low temperature, Extreme : The minimum temperature in which a 60kg woman can survive, or feel the severe cold, in the sleeping bags

Some of the products in the market have synthetic fillings instead of down.
Down products are hailed for its heat retainability, longevity, and ability to be shrunk. However, they are more expensive and difficult to maintain.
Synthetic filled products can suffice in some of these electrically heated camping grounds.
Purchase sleeping bags according to its place of use.


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