Korean Sooji Chim Hand Acupuncture Soojichim

Koryo Soojichim, hand acupuncture therapy (hereafter “Koryo Soojichim”), is a form of acupuncture that Dr. Yoo Tae-woo has created and named from 1971 to 1975. By making the acupuncture therapy method on hand, the diagnosis and stimulation on 5 fingers, and the weak stimulation on 14 meridians and 345 acupuncture points, Koryo Soojichim can help to prevent diseases and regulate the body’s functions. Because it was developed in Korea, the therapy is referred to as Koryo Soojichim, Soojichim in an abbreviate form. Especially the therapy is also named so because thin and short needles are stuck 1 ~ 2 mm on the corresponding regions.

Because further research has enabled the use of Seoab rod, T acupuncture, Seoam Moxibustion, Seoam Beam, Guam Acupuncture for Bleeding and pressure stimulus, the therapy has used several names such as Soojichim, Sooji Therapy, and Soojichim therapy.

A Hand is a minimized reaction zone, and thus when there is something wrong with a human body, several reactions appear on it. Among them, the best response is a hyper-sensitive pressure pain reaction. This reaction points are called acupuncture points, and a therapy for the regulation and administration of a human body by stimulating the acupuncture points is referred to as acupuncture therapy. Five fingers are assigned to each of the five viscera of human body. In the case of any deformity and pigmentation, those symptoms enable us to make a diagnosis. We can help to control our body functions by giving stimuli by using pressure and massage with a ring or others, which is called Five-Finger Diagnostic Treatment.

On the hand also are the 14 meridians that control the functions of the intestines and the 345 major treatment points. Treatment by giving a stimulus to those spots is called the meridians therapy or specific acupoints. Other therapies to regulate the function of the internal (meridians) are the Meridian Tonification and Sedation Method, the Five Kinds of Therapy and the Eight Acupoint Therapy.


Advantages of Koryo Soojichim Therapy

• because it adopts a weak stimulus on the appointed treatment points of a hand region, it has less pain, low risk and excellent effect with less pain.
• it has advantages such as self-diagnosis and self- treatment for all diseases.
• There are no side effects even if the irritation points are wrongly chosen.
• Sooji Therapy can be used in a broad range of applications regardless of time and places because a number of the life tools can be utilized for a stimulus tool.
• Since this is a symptomatic therapy, it has an excellent effect of removing the pain.
• the functionality adjustments of the intestines, the right and left body, weakness and strength, and cold and heat are clearly ostensible.
• there are a number of devices to treat a disease with, depending on the severity of the diseases.
• This has excellent effects for the prevention and the early treatment of the diseases.
• although a standard of health is obvious and the goal of the treatment is clear, another type of medicine is almost dependent on the patient’s symptoms.
• it is possible to experimentally prove all the theories, and all the action of the meridians proves clear.
• This is the third Medicine, which is economical and practical and has excellent effects, a medicine that represents Korea.


The Need of Koryo Soojichim Therapy

To escape from the drug’s toxicity, one must use Sooji Therapy.
If drugs are necessary, a proper amount of them can be acceptable. However, the overuse, abuse, and misuse of them will surely cause a side effect. So severe are the aversions to drugs in order to avoid the side effects of the drug in the developed countries. The solution is to research natural remedies without taking medicine and to research Sooji Therapy. It is possible to eliminate all the toxics.

Complete health care should be done with their own efforts.
Someone’s diseases cannot be suffered by others and someone cannot go to see a doctor for you. The practice of what the medicine of today does is that others make a diagnosis and treatment with always-unsatisfactory treatment, thereby setting a top ceiling in the efficacy of the treatment. Thus Sooji Therapy is the most complete and valuable because it enables self-diagnosis and treatment and allows for health independence. Although a health care system is complete institutionally and medically, self-care, self-management, self-prevention, and self-treatment are the most desirable forms of all kinds of health care systems.

This has superior efficacy in medical treatment that does not appear on the medical checkup.
There are often many people who suffered from a variety of simple diseases and neurological diseases that do not appear on the checkup. The Koryo Sooji Therapy has an excellent treatment effect on the prevention of such diseases and neurological diseases that are not found in the checkup.

This has an excellent effect in the treatment of incurable diseases.
It is often seen that Incurable diseases for the current medical treatment can be treated and cured with surprising efficacy by Sooji Medicine.

Sooji Medicine gets human’s body function to be controlled, thus making a human body prevent diseases or cure them.
Rather than treating diseases, Sooji Therapy regulates our body’s functions and thus makes our human body automatically regulate itself and cure diseases, the most complete medicine.

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