Making dish with henna pattern by Ceramic Markers


It is convenient as it has two types of pen and brush back and forth Ceramic Markers. Pen type is useful to make general painting and draw a line while brush type is good to color broad one relatively.


I have worried about type of painting for the last few days. I am fond of Indian traditional pattern of henna.


I will draw henna pattern using black color only. For thick line, with brush and for thin line, with pen. Bright color is in my favor~ Brown painting would be beautiful.


Just completed it in this way ~~~ I planned to paint along edges of dish but stopped here as it would become shoddy.


After that, you may finish work by firing it in oven. I fired it for about twenty minutes under 230℃ in preheated oven. I cooled it for one hour in oven and put it out.


Anyone would enjoy curry rice in beautiful henna dish. It is so pleasure that I can make easily my own dish in home~ It will be good present.

My own ceramic tableware!
For children’s tableware, make them by themselves!
Make designed dishes to be used safely with Kobaru ceramic pen certified that it is not harmful to human body~

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