Natural Homeopathic Remedies Use Bu-hang Cupping Therapy


Users of the cupping system report relief to the pain associated with symptomms such as sciatica, back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, sport injuries, muscular pain, rheumatism, arthritis and also acute and chronic problems.


Cupping(personal/Adult use) Acute Chronic Problems
The numbered points on the diagram correspond to the numbers on the table provided. To treat a specific problem, identify the problem on the talbe, then place cups at the corresponding body points shown on the diagram.



Cupping therapy(massage) for(Personal Adult Use)
1. Locate the body point/s which needs to be treated, this position can be found by using the table provided for specific problems in the manual.
2. Place the cup on skin and pump apporopriate amount and leave on.
3. Do this 1-2 times a day at times suited to yourself. Before bed is the recommended time. Using cups directly after exercise and meals is not recommended.
4. keep cup in same position while cupping.
5. Cups can be used on specific painful body points also. Place cups in same manner as above. However, search surrounding areas for other painful points and place cups there also for better results. For pain on back areas and hard to reach areas get assistance from another person.


• For pregnant women, do not use the cupping set on lower abdominal region and lower back. Young children should not use the cupping set also.
• Persons with internal or external bleeding, do not use cupping set.
• Persons with open wounds, do not place cups on those areas.
• If user becomes very tired and drowsy temporarily stop use of cups.
• If user has had a recent operation do not use cupping set.
• Persons with heart problems and / or persons with a heart pace-maker device should not use the cupping set.
• Cupping region in some cases will become dark brown in colour. This point is the acute pain region. The colour will go away within several days.
• After every time used sterilise using methylated spirits. Dip a cotton ball into small amount of methylated spirts and use to clean the cups.
• Keep cups stored in a safe area and handle with care as they are fragile.


General Health
Regular use of the cupping system will improve general health.


Blood Circulation (massage)
The cupping system is easily used to massage many parts of the body to assist in improving blood circulation and to treat other problems. First apply moisture cream or body oil on the skin before cupping, this allows the cups to be easily moved to massage the body.

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  1. As someone who deals with rheumatoid arthritis on a daily basis, I’m always interested in natural remedies that could make a difference. I haven’t heard of these at all, but I like that they can be used by anyone, without having to schedule an appointment with a doctor or an acupuncturist.

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