Red Ginseng (紅蔘), Will it be a restorative for everyone?


Ginseng is a health food known as good for everyone. Ginseng increase the energy rejuvenation as it contains 32 kinds of saponins that promotes metabolism by activating enzyme within the cell. In addition, Ginseng has a powerful ability to promote lipolysis, digestion and nutrient absorption.

But that ginseng may also have side effects if taken incorrectly. Ginseng improves the function of the digestive and warm up the body, which is good for those who have cold temperament but it may cause side effect such as a headache or blush up the face and stuffy chest for those who have hot temperament.


Red-Ginseng, processed several times of steaming and drying, has a similar function with Ginseng. Therefore, red-ginseng shows similar side effects with ginseng. Either ginseng or red ginseng is good for maintaining healthy conditions but it is recommended to consult with a doctor of oriental medicine before taking red-ginseng or ginseng.

Red-ginseng gains some components in the process of repeated steaming and drying of ginseng. Ginseng does not turn to a red-ginseng simply by boiling hard in a red-ginseng processor. It is recommended to check the ingredient of red-ginseng products (medicinal herbs for food, food additives, and the content of red ginseng).

It does not fit to everyone however excellent dietary supplement it may be. It will be helpful to the promotion of health that you consult a doctor for oriental medicine before deciding to take it.

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  1. I am married to an Asian woman, and since we’ve been married, I’ve gotten into the habit of drinking ginseng tea with her parents, who live with us.It takes a little getting used to, but I’ve noticed my overall health has improved. And if you saw her parents, you wonder what their secrets are….apparently it’s use of ginseng.

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