Sleeping Bag Storage

Sleeping Bag Storage
Depending on the content of water-filled sleeping bag should be fine to keep. In particular, the case of expensive goose down sleeping bag and fold than to keep a good idea to keep the form intact. Fold when you are moving well. The human body emits moisture during sleep, and sleeping bags are not visible, the ancestors of the nine forms because it absorbs a lot of moisture when used daily stop this should be a well-ventilated place.

The length of the first storage network jeopeulttae sleeping bag and then set to match the short end of the short end of the sleeping bag kept slightly shorter than the length of chain should have an easy way to put. Hard time sleeping the length of words is longer than or equal to the storage network and putting a very strong costs.

Then, both sleeping better part of a long chain by adjusting the sleeping bag to fit well to form a long rectangular malttae following the first air force withdrew to fall into two hands and knees is to wear as tight. When the first horse to help better … jubyeonbun flaps so that the front of the press asked me to take it off the air while you fold it is dry. Neulttae network picked up the entire 2/3 should be kept intact when entering chingnangeul dried up.

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