The efficacy of Korean Red Ginseng (紅蔘)

The efficacy of Korean Red Ginseng (紅蔘)


Functionality of the product that contains ingredients of red-ginseng is rejuvenation, enhancement of immunity, nourishing tonic, etc. Red-ginseng contains maltol and various amino acids, organic acids and the like, which are antioxidant components that are not in ginseng. Seasonally May is the right season to take ginseng as stamina is exhausted with increased activity. In particular, the effect is good for people with low vigor and with weak digestive systems such as weak stomach.

The chemical structure of ginsenoside that functions as the major pharmacological effect of ginseng changes in manufacturing process of red-ginseng. About a dozen of ingredients such as anti-cancer ingredient, anti-diabetic ingredient, anti-inflammatory ingredient, antioxidant ingredient, liver detoxification ingredient, heavy metal detoxification ingredient emerge or such content become several times larger. Those ingredients exist little in a fresh ginseng or do not exist at all. Red-ginseng is easier to store for long and has much better efficacy than ginseng.


Red-ginseng lovers praise “Ginseng increase immunity and prevent minor diseases including various adult diseases and cancer” On the other hand, some people say “Red- ginseng is expensive but does not have any effect or has a side effect”

The efficacy of ginseng appears differently for each person due to different constitution classified in the oriental medical treatment. As ginseng heat up human body, when a man who has much heat eats it, it may not be helpful or gives side effect. Generally, re-ginseng is good for Soeumin (a man who has little heat) but does not take effect for Taeeumin (a man who has much less heat). It may overheat Soyangin (a man with a little heat) and taeyangin (a man with much heat) to lose good physical conditions.


In addition, saponin, the major pharmacological component of ginseng, can be absorbed to take effect in a human body when decomposed by microorganisms called Phrabotellaoris in the intestines. However, 37.5% of Korean does not have an enzyme or lack of some ingredient that compose the enzyme and so they cannot decompose saponin. Red-ginseng does not take effect for this kind of people.

This kind of people can take effect of red-ginseng if they take “fermented red ginseng” that can be absorbed without taking the process of decomposition in the intestines. It is available in the market or one can make and eat “fermented red ginseng” at home using equipment that one can make “fermented red ginseng”

One should not take caffeine, medicine for blood pressure medicine, women’s hormones (estrogens), antipsychotics, etc. when taking red-ginseng. It can lead to side effects by escalating the efficacy too strong because red-ginseng is hyperactive to blood pressure and nerve.

People who are suffering from high blood pressure, cold or who has much heat should not take red-ginseng although red-ginseng weakened heat temperament of ginseng. Proper dose of red-ginseng for the people who is recovering after serious illness or major surgery is 20g and for the rest of people, 10g is proper dose. Be careful not to take over dose when taking red-ginseng slices, red-ginseng extract and other red-ginseng products.

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  1. I have been recommended this by a very good Korean friend of mine, as her family has used it for years. I am just starting the regimen, but hope to see some positive results from it.

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