The Time magazine has selected three longevity food in the world


The Time magazine has selected three longevity food in the world
Time magazine of USA has selected world three longevity food. Do you know what are these longevity food?
These foods are very helpful to health and beneficial to the body. These foods maintain our health and good for ‘intestinal health’, which is one of the secrets of longevity. Let us look over these foods:

1. Cabbage


Cabbage was used as a medicinal from 400 BC in Greece, Cabbage was brought to spread to all over Europe by Celts people who lived in the mid and west Europe. But it actually began to grow in Europe from 9th century and an improved breed of cabbage appeared from 13th century. Cabbage grows only where the temperature is low but as it has excellent adoptability it has been cultivated in many places of the world except in extreme cold or tropical area. Cabbage is available in the market all through the years thanks to development of new breed and research for cultivation. Cabbage contains a lot of vitamin C and calcium and especially absorption rate of calcium is high. In addition, vitamin U helps curing the ulcer. In Korea, people eat fresh cabbage or process it as gimchi (Korean pickle) or eat boiled/roasted cabbage. It is a good for diet as the dietary fiber increases the feeling of fullness to the effect of eating less. The dietary fiber activate movement of the bowel to prevent constipation.

2. Olive


Olive is an important fruit of the Mediterranean region and has an important meaning in the culture developed in Mediterranean region and the Middle East. It has been used as a motif in art having various symbolic meanings. The main component of the fatty acids contained in olive is unsaturated fatty oleic acid with the content of about 65-85%, and palmitic acid, saturated fatty acids, is the main component. Usually the color is pale yellow and has no smell and the taste is plain. Olive has abundant anti-oxidants such as vitamin E, polyphenols, tocopherols, fatty acids that is useful for anti-aging. In addition, rich pro-vitamin prevent skin aging and has an effect of generating clear skin by discharging toxins and waste products from the body. It is one of the world’s three longevity food that supports regulating glucose to prevent diabetes and to relieve constipation and liver detoxification.

3. Yogurt


Yogurts has relatively much acid and has a refreshing flavor. Usually, other than milk, yogurt is made from the milk of goat or sheep. Yogurt is started to be manufactured for drinking usually in Balkan Province, the Middle East, especially in the eastern Mediterranean countries. The Russian bacteriologist Mechinikopu claimed that it is because of yogurt that there are many people who live long in Balkan province as the lactic acid bacteria in yogurt suppress harmful bacteria in the intestines and inhibit the generation and absorption of the corrupted component.

Especially, Mr. Hauser in the USA, reported: lactic acid bacteria of yogurt create a variety of B vitamins in the intestines. It is easier to absorb calcium dissolved in the lactic acid and as there is no animal fat in the skim milk and do not become obese and It does not generate gas in the gut. Since then, it has been spread more widely. Yogurt which become famous with Greek yogurt, etc.
recently demonstrated the efficacy for health to be one of longevity food. Putting aside of longevity, those foods mentioned above are good for health as well as good for diet. It will be helpful for keeping healthy life if you take proper amount of those foods. Taking healthy food is one of the ways to create a healthy body.

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