[Tip 10] Camping guide for a camper – Notices on camping and etiquette

Tip 10. Notices on camping and etiquette


As advice for winter camping, we recommend you not to use ‘charcoal’ fuel heating inside a tent. White charcoal (when charcoal becomes whitish) may be mistaken for not causing any harmful gases. However, it will cause 100% suffocation if it is used inside. If you are exposed to too much smoke of the chestnut and the oak firewood when you use these for heating, you may have a headache for a few days. Thus it is important to note the ventilation particularly. We recommend you to limit your use of electric heating equipment to a electric blanket.


This is because the much use of the electric heater power can cause a lot of campsite to have a total power supply shortage. We have to consider another camping customer’s convenience, which we think is the start of camping etiquette. Also if you go camping every weekend, we recommend you to have a camping of a theme and a genre, such as family camping and club-member camping. To exchange information for camping and socialize with other campers at least once a month is a good idea.


In addition, your children are also advised not to carry their electronic games enjoyed at home with them, so the children can play outside. Traditional games such as sleigh rides and top-spinning game are highly recommended in order to for adults and children to enjoy together.

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Tip 10. Notices on camping and etiquette

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