[Tip 2] Camping guide for a novice camper – Winter Camping

Tip 2. Ready for winter camping equipment 


As the weather gets chilly, your camping equipment will be increased one-by-one. Among the list of what to do, the first step in preparing for winter camping is the selection and sleeping bag and management. When choosing a sleeping bag, you should keep in mind three elements. Type of a sleeping bag (mummy type: like a Egyptian mummy, a sleeping bag is designed to fit into a human body / square type: despite its shape’s similarity to that of a duvet, a sleeping bag that has one or two side treated with zipper), fillers (synthetic fibers, goose down, duck down), and the cold hardiness temperature (temperature insulation). Especially when you buy a winter sleeping bag, we recommend that you purchase a product with a minimum cold hardness temperature of around minus 20 ℃.


Also, it is advisable to check the “Fill Power” when you buy a duck down sleeping bag. Fill Power means the resilience of duck down. If the product’s score is in the range of 800 and 900, it usually is a very good product.


When storing a sleeping bag, you should be aware of the humidity. This is because it can cause mildew if a sleeping bag is stored while the moisture remains on the outside cloth or the inside filler. If a sleeping bag is stored for a long time in a bag, you must prevent the moisture by putting a dry agent in the bag.

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