[Tip 3] Camping guide for a novice camper – Floor Construction

Tip 3. Warm Camping, Floor Construction


Floor Construction’ is an activity that creates the conditions for a camper himself or herself. In a word, campers will prepare a bed and a mat. Particularly, the temperatures of the mountains of Korea sometimes downs to minus 20 degrees in the winter. So it is important for campers to be well prepared. First, you have to expand the mat well. The ‘Foam mat’ is a convenient thing to insulate from humid air.


But warmth cannot be provided in winter, the foam mat is not appropriate for winter camping. The ‘four seasons mat’ has waterproof treatment on the bottom and the cover floor on the mat. The ‘four seasons mat’ prevents moisture and cold and has a 1-cm-thick thickness twice as thick as a foam mat. Therefore, it has an effect of preventing a cold.


There is a ‘Boiler Mat’, which is a strong weapon in the winter. Its boiling water is forced to circulate down the mat. Its motor equipped with a built-in battery allows the users to stay warm without electricity for about two days. Otherwise, some people use home-purpose electric blankets instead of field-purpose products. This is because most of the campsites are equipped with the electricity. Because additional heating equipment must be taken in winter, in addition to the basic camping equipment, a camper should take safety precautions.

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