[Tip 4] Camping guide for a novice camper – Backpacking

Tip 4. Basic preparation for Backpacking


The camping boom began with the boom of auto-camping, in which camping equipment is loaded and transported in a car for a field camping. However, the backpacking, in which backpackers go camping with the necessary equipment for camp life, has already been loved as complex leisure sports combining climbing and trekking. Nowadays the limelight has been back on the backpacking among campers. The reason is that campers can live closer to the nature without a car. it is recommended to prepare products with a small volume and light weight because of all the equipment will be loaded in a backpack.


In particular, the backpack weight depends on the choice of tent, sleeping bag, portable pots and pans for camping. We recommend that you purchase a tent of about 2 ~ 3kg ultra light weight. You should the tent’s resistance to tearing and water pressure; the higher, the better. This is because if you went camping without a car, the camping tent can be damaged and you are likely to come back from camping sites. The tent for 1- or 2-person purpose released from various companies has been popular in recent years.


We recommend that you prepare auto rechargeable mattress to reduce the volume. The air will automatically be inserted into a mattress and its volume will be inflated after a lid is open. Many lighter cookware products have been recently released into the market as well.

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