[Tip 5] Camping guide for a novice camper – Lantern

Tip 5. Significant Notes in Lantern Type and Use


The most precious time of camping is when the darkness started. Only when serene lantern illuminates a camping site instead of colorful lights of the city will the night of camping start. You must be aware of the type of different lanterns using distinctive fuel usage. A lantern, by fuel differentiation, is classified into gasoline, gas, and battery lantern. A gasoline lantern can shed higher amount of light than the other types of lanterns, and its fuel burning can make romantic sound atmosphere. Although you can use a gasoline lantern during four seasons, you have to insert a mantle to a lantern and inconveniently pump up to increase the pressure of the fuel cell.


A gas lantern is greatly portable due to butane gas fuel charge. However, it can be easily frozen fuel and thus is not used in the winter. Battery lanterns vary the size and shape. Because any use of fire inside the tent and the screen tarp is prohibited, a battery lantern is required. Usually outside the tent, a gasoline lantern and a gas lantern, respectively, are used and inside a tent, a battery lantern can be used. When you move or make dish, it is more convenient to have a head lantern on your head.


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  1. I camped a little growing up, but never on my own. I’ve been thinking about getting back into it, though, and this is a really helpful guide — especially with a little one who gets scared of the dark easily!

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