[Tip 8] Camping guide for a camper – To prepare for cold

Tip 8. To prepare for cold


The biggest worry of winter camping is to prepare for cold somehow. Although there is a ‘winter-type’ tent, commonly known, there is not a specific season-type tent released for each season apart from the winter tent.  Depending on the roof of a tent, a ‘fly’, covering the body, you can tell the summer one from the winter one. We recommend that the products with the ‘skirt’ that is padded to the lower part of a fly prevents incoming breeze are the most appropriate for the winter.


Conversely, it is recommended that a fly with a well-ventilated bottom is appropriate for summer.  A winter tent of a living-room type configured with a anteroom and a sleeping room is the very type of convenience. This is because you can install the stove and cooking utensils in a tent. We do not recommend using a brazier and a grill inside a tent or under a tarp. In the case of a fire accident, it is advisable to have a fire extinguisher around. Prior to sleeping, the campers turn off the stove for fire and suffocation prevention. To reduce the winter cold from a floor, it is recommended to use a cot.


Using a thick sleeping bag and a hot pack may help spend the winter night warm. Without a hot pack, you may put hot water of 70 ~ 80 ℃ in a 1.5 l PET bottle, have it wrapped in a towel, and use it.


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