[Tip 9] Camping guide for a camper – Campsite Cooking

Tip 9. Campsite Cooking


The best part of camping is cooking and eating instantly at a campsite. Slow food that is cooked with a brazier is the best fit. This is useful when you need to cook food of a long period of time by steaming and stewing with a Dutch oven. Also, you can cook a charcoal barbecue on the brazier and eat it right away. The use of stoves can be applied to a quick cooking. There are many campers who enjoy ramen, curry, spaghetti, soup, and stew that can be easily cooked at a campsite.


It is recommended that in order to have an easy cooking in camping, food materials should be prepared at home in advance.


In the case of food material with its peels or shells, there will be more garbage in the preparation process. Each spice had better be put in a container of the same size. The reason is that this is convenient for the storage and prevents a mistake such as omitting or missing a spice. If there are local food specialties near a campsite, it is also recommended that you take advantage of the specialty dishes. Try hot soup in the morning, fried rice or rice ball for lunch by using the remaining cooking ingredients and dishes on the brazier for supper as your pre-configured menu. It will make you much more convenient.


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