To extend life of tent, sleeping bag, and other outfit for camping

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One must handle tent, sleeping bag, camping stove, etc with care considering properties of these items to the effect of extending durability.

Tent (wipe with wet clothe ,dry off and keep in the shade)

It is important to get rid of foreign matters and clean out when tent is contaminated with sand, soil, or dust. Especially it is necessary to handle carefully when sand, soil, and other foreign matters remain in the tent folded as it may damage fabric of tent.

Washing a tent with water might weaken waterproof and water-repellent functions. Wipe out contaminated part only with wet cloth. If tent is contaminated as to require washing, spray water with hose and if necessary soak tent in warm water with neutral detergent solution and touch off with soft sponge or tooth brush. It is prohibited to rub exceedingly or put in washing machine. Washing machine might break waterproof coating or accessories.

Dry off tent after wash to get longer life. Keeping wet might degrade waterproof and water-repellent, de-colored, or generate fungus. Folding process is also important. Remember how it was folded when purchased. Or fold according to the direction of manual. Poll, hammer, etc should be kept free of humidity to prevent rustle.

Sleeping bag (Wash in the method that fits to the properties of material, spread furs inside evenly, dry in a shade)

As washing press inside filler to the result of weakening insulating properties, frequent washing is not recommended. Using sleeping bag with cover is good for protection and for protection of insulating properties. In this case, one needs to wash cover only.

When washing, one must care material and properties of the sleeping bag. A sleeping bag made of duckdown will shorten its life if one use detergent much. Chemical detergent might break coating inside fabric that will allow downs to get out of sleeping bag.

Add minimum dose of neutral detergent on a soft towel and touch off stains and then wash with hand. Dry off in a shade after wash. Percuss sleeping bag evenly with a rod to dry inside filler without making lumps. Put humidity remover when keep for long.

Coppell (Clean out and dry off)

If moisture or draff remains, camp stove surface might be corroded. It is better to wash again at the house even if washed at the site. As chlorine in salt is chemically antagonistic against aluminum of camping stove, rinse away with clean water for long time.

If scratch heavily with metal sponge to get off scorch or the burnt, coating might be peeled off. Soak in warm water and get rid of foreign matters with soft sponge. Abrasive contained in toothpaste will help if wipe out a camping stove with soft cloth putting toothpaste.

After wash, dry off camping stove and keep in the case. It will get rid of smell and humidity if putting newspapers or kitchen towel in between camping stove and other bowels. It will help to wash carefully with warm water, dry off and put a little of powered coffee to get rid of smells from kimchi or red pepper paste.

Burner (detach fuel cans before keeping)

Keep in a cool place of good ventilation after detaching fuel cans. Avoid keeping in a place under direct sunlight. It might explode if keep in a confined place without detaching fuel can. If a burner is wet in the rain or stained with food, clean out and dry to protect from rustle. If nozzle is filled in, replace or open it with a dedicated pin. Regular checking of rubber packing is required to prevent gas leaking. Replace if damaged.

Mattress, lantern, etc (brush off foreign matters and dry off before putting in a case)

It is best to keep in a case after brushing off foreign matters and dry off for mattress, table, lantern, etc. Clean with dry cloth, get rid of contamination with neutral detergent, and dry off in a shade in case of comfort chair made of clothe seat.

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