[Wisdom 10] How to clean your washing machine


91. How to clean your washing machine
Fill the tub full of water, add Clorox, turn it and then stop it, and leave it untouched for a day.  Turn it again next day and drain the water.  Or, fill the machine full with water (up to high level), add the bottle’s cap of powdered bleach, and spin it like you do a regular laundry.  Rinse it twice (in fuzzy washing mode).

92. Using oil to clean oil stains in the kitchen
The kitchen, especially the areas around a gas stove, is always slippery due to oil stain.  A cloth soaked in cooking oil is best used to clean the oil stain on stainless steel or tiles.  Oil can clean the oil stain better than a detergent.


93. Utilizing stockings when polishing shoes
Smear shoe polish on the stocking which has not been used due to a run, and you can polish shoes shiny.

94. Preventing bananas from getting discolored
Cover the stalk end of a banana with plastic wrap, and you can delay its discoloration and lengthen its life.  It is because the wrap prevents the ethylene gas from escaping from the end of the banana thus protecting its browning.

95. Protecting for scratches on refrigerators and washing machines
When scratches threaten the coating to come off, apply nail polish to the spot.  When a large scratch has formed, enamel is recommended.


96. If you want to check with sweet potatoes or potatoes for a degree of doneness
Do not press or poke them with a chopstick; light a match and place it over a potato. It can be deemed to be well boiled when the match goes out immediately.  In addition, you just add pieces of kelp in the kettle to have your potatoes or sweet potatoes well boiled or steamed.

97. Taking medicines with tea is not good for your body
Office workers seem to take their medicine with tea.  However, it is not good to swallow medicines with tea, for the tannin contained in the tea tends to interfere with medications, especially drugs that contain iron, which means care should be paid to, for example, those prescribed for anemia.


98. Recovering its original luster from silver ware
Wrap one silver product after another in cooking foil, immerse them in boiling hot water for 20~30 minutes, and cool them, and you will find they recover their original luster.

99. Drinking coffee with cheese protect gastric walls
The caffeine in coffee stimulates gastric walls to secrete gastric acid, damaging the walls and causing the skin to be rough.  A piece of cheese together with a cup of coffee every time when you enjoy coffee during the day will protect gastric wall thanks to its main components such as proteins and fats and help keep your skin soft and elastic.

100. When there are insects or aphids
Spray dishwashing detergent or yogurt sufficiently over spots using a hand sprayer where aphids form.  When the yogurt becomes dry, it contracts and blocks their tracheae resulting in death.  Or you can use the solution of two or three cigarette butts which are steeped in water for about 2 hours.

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