[Wisdom 2] Leftover bread and rice must be kept in a freezer

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11. Leftover bread and rice must be kept in a freezer.
You may as well keep leftover bread and rice in a freezer.  If they are kept in a refrigerator, the starch in the rice and bread gets spoiled leading to early denaturation.

12. Wiping TV monitors with anti-static agent
Dust easily gathers on the TV monitor due to its material.  Soak a little amount of antistatic agent in a cloth and wipe the monitor with it to avoid attracting dust.

batteries Preventing buttons

13. Keeping dry cell batteries in wrap in a refrigerator
Covering batteries in plastic wrap and putting them in a refrigerator is a good way to prevent their discharge thus ensuring longer service lives.

14. Preventing buttons from coming off if they are applied with nail polish
When a button is about to fall off, you can apply transparent nail polish to the center of the button, which will give you a bit of comfort, if for a while.  Without any nail polish around, you may fix it with a safety pin from behind.


15. Removing crumples on your suit in the bathroom with the tub full of warm water
When you take out your suit from your travel trunk and find it gets crumples, hang it in the bathroom with the tub filled with hot water, and the steam in the room does the rest.

16. Conserving cooking oil by using a hand sprayer
Use a hand sprayer to save cooking oil.  A shoot or two will make an even spread of cooking oil enough to fry an egg, thus saving the oil.

17. Clean a bowl with a narrow neck using egg shells
Utilize egg shells when you wash a bottle with a narrow neck.  Collect egg shells and pound them together into pieces.  Put them into the bottle with water and shake it hard to clean the inside.


18. Wiping the window cleaner with old newspaper
Pieces of newspaper are better than a dust cloth.  Make the newspaper a little moist and wipe dirt off the window and then dry it with dry newspaper.


19. Erasing ballpoint pen ink with alcohol or thinner
Remove ball point pen ink stained in the clothes by dabbing a piece of gauze soaked in alcohol or thinner on affected areas, or apply topical analgesic liquid to the ink stain and wash the clothes with soap and rinse them several times.


20. Fish coated with flour does not splash oil.
Coat a fish with flour on both sides and deep fry it, and the oil does not spatter. This does not sputter oil and fry fish more deliciously.

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