[Wisdom 3] Yogurt reduces the number of farts


21. Yogurt reduces the number of farts. 
When you have a problem with frequency farting, you are advised to eat Bifidus yogurt after supper, or eat several black beans every day.

22. Making vegetables fresh by dipping them in vinegar water
Add a little vinegar and two sugar cubes in a large bowl of water and immerse withered vegetables in it.  The color comes back to life and they become fresh.


23. Addition of a little liquor removes the greasy taste of ramyeon (instant noodle)
Add several drops of liquor or a little piece of sea mustard if you want to get rid of the greasy taste of ramyeon.

24. Removing fleshy smell by immersing chicken in milk
Immerse the chicken before cooking it if you want to get rid of the fleshy smell of chicken, which will makes the smell go away and the taste light.


25. Shining scratched wooden floor with shoe polish
The floor of sawn wood is likely to get scratches. If they are big ones, fill them with wood filler and apply brown shoe polish to give it a natural appearance. Another tip is when arises scratches on wood furniture Let’s rub with walnut meat. The fiber of the walnut becoming cleaner polishes smells fill the gap.


26. Protecting the eyes when peeling onions
When onions are peeled in water, aryl propionic acids, volatile lachrymatory substances, are absorbed in the water. In addition, the compounds become subdued when the onions are kept cold before being peeled.

28. Soaking your rough hands in water in which spinach is boiled
When your hands become rough, soak them in water in which spinach is boiled, apply hand cream, and wear gloves while sleeping.


29. Storing leftover cheese
Coat the dry part of leftover cheese with milk, wrap it and heat it slightly in a micro oven, and the cheese will revive and soften. Further, in order to store cheese for a longer time, cut the middle part out and paste the cut surfaces together and keep the cheese in plastic wrap.

30. Storing leftover ham
Apply vinegar to the cut surfaces of ham and sausages left from cooking and keep them in plastic wrap. This will produce a disinfecting effect and preserving its taste. Further, leftover mustard can be preserved for long by spraying vinegar.

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