[Wisdom 4] Removing garlic smell in the mouth with parsley


31. Removing garlic smell in the mouth with parsley
Garlic or onion causes bad breath; chewing parsley leaves will make it go away.

32. Frozen leek will keep good for long.
If you want to use leek economically, buy leeks, wash and cut their green parts, drain water, and freeze them.  This will prevent their cut ends from withering or turning yellow and keep them good for long.


33. Removing additives from ham
Ham contains lots of synthetic compounds and coloring agents.  If you dip it in 80oC water for 1 minute, you can remove 80% of such additives.  When you fry it in oil, additives come out together with the oil of the meat; therefore, remove the oil and eat it.

34. Distinguishing raw eggs from boiled ones
You might be at a loss a couple of times when you break a raw egg spilling over although you thought it was a boiled one.  When you stand it up and turn it, a boiled one continues to spin while a raw one doesn’t.


35. Spraying alcohol when your garbage bin gives off bad odor
Spray alcohol over a garbage can filled with wet trash when it smells bad.  Wipe with a cloth soaked in alcohol the dirty micro oven stained with leftover food juice or accumulated waste.

36. Removing fur in a wash bowl with acetone
Remove the water fur or soap scum attached to the surface of a wash basin using cotton soaked in the acetone that is used to take off nail polish.

37. Diluted milk makes flowers lustrous.
Dilute milk in water at a ratio of 1: 10 and sprinkle it in flowers, they will have a good color.  Wiping leaves with a solution of soju (distilled liquor) and beer is another way of making them shiny.

38. Giving milk massages make the skin shiny.
Dabbing the cotton soaked in milk evenly on your face will remove dead cells and make your skin shiny.


39. Dipping charcoal in water in which grapes are washed
For such fruits as grapes that are hard to wash, dip charcoal in water in which the graphs are washed.  Charcoal has a strong adsorbing power which will have a good effect in absorbing chemicals.

40. Putting a metal spoon in a glass in which hot water is poured
There is danger of a glass cup being broken when hot water is poured into it.  Putting a metal spoon in the glass will prevent it from being broken when hot water is poured.

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