[Wisdom 5] Give a massage to the tired legs using a beer bottle


41. Give a massage to the tired legs using a beer bottle
Pressing a beer bottle over your legs like giving a massage will help when they are tired.  Using a 1.5L PET bottle frozen with water will have a quick effect on the recovery of their fatigue.

42. Using adlay or milk face packs for a sun-scorched skin
When the skin gets smarting due to sun tan, wear a face pack of a spoonful of powdered adlay mixed in a spoonful of milk, which will soothe the skin and remove the burning sensation while keeping it moist.


43. Wiping scorched or burnt fabric with hydrogen peroxide
When your iron gets burnt fabric stuck to it, wipe it with a solution of hydrogen peroxide with hot water at a ratio of 3:10 before it is cleaned in fresh water.

44. Removing chocolate stained clothes with benzene
When clothes gets stained with chocolate, wipe it well with a cloth soaked in water. And dab the clothes with a cloth soaked in benzene or wash them in detergent.



45. Putting garlic bulbs in a rice bin during the rainy season
When the house is filled with moisture due to a long rainy season, put garlic bulbs in a rice bin, which will ward off insects keeping the bin comfortably.

46. Button and zip up trousers when washing them
Be sure to lock the buttons and zipper of your blue jeans before washing them; otherwise, the zipper gets loose unsymmetrically giving a ugly look.


47. Making a new bar of soap by heating soap scraps
Collect in a heat-resistant vessel soap bits that become too small to use, soak them in water for a while, and heat it in a micro oven to make a new bar of soap.

48. Placing tooth picks in table salt
Putting 7-8 tooth picks in table salt, and the wood absorbs moisture preventing it from getting damp.


49. Exterminating ants in a sugar can
Ants are likely to swarm in a sugar can or honey jar.  Turn a rubber band around the middle of the can several times, and they won’t come near, because they dislike the scent of rubber.

50. Spraying Clorox when mold forms
Pour Clorox using a hand sprayer and spray it on the mold forming due to moisture on the wall paper, veranda, walls, or bathroom.  Add a little water to the liquid and spray it over the mold, and it will be cleaned.

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