[Wisdom 6] Taking leftover lipstick out onto a palette


51. Taking leftover lipstick out onto a palette
Scoop out the lipstick that is little left in the tube. Heat the bottom of the spoon and pour it out of the spoon onto a palette for later use.

52. Cleaning the dust in the gaps of an air conditioner using a toothbrush
Rid the dust accumulated between the narrow caps of an air conditioner using a used toothbrush.  Stick 2~3 straws at the end of the noodle of a vacuum cleaner and fix them with tape.  Set the machine in motion to suck the dust.


53. Putting mugwort in a refrigerator to remove odors
Mugwort acts to get rid of the odor stained in the refrigerator.  Put mugwort in a plastic bag with its top open and place it in the refrigerator. When the mugwort becomes dry with the lapse of time, replace it with fresh one.

54. Ridding walls of hand stains using pieces of bread
Rub soft bread over the wall that has become finger-marked. Further, use a rubber eraser to clean the electric outlets on the wall.

55. Vinegar will do wonders in removing the smell of bleach.
Bad smell remains when you use bleach in cleaning the washroom or kitchen.  At that time, spray several drops of vinegar to remove the smell quickly.


56. Soaking potatoes in cold water before cooking them
Slice potatoes and dip them in cold water for about 5 minute and drain water out of them before you cook them, and they will not break easily.

57. Getting rid of the smell out of the hand using vinegar water
Your hands will give off bad smell when you prepare garlic or fish, when you can wash your hand in vinegar water to get rid of the smell.


58. Wiping plastic toys with toothpaste
Toothpaste will rid the plastic toys that have gotten stained by children’s hands of the dirt as clean as they are new.

59. How to cut bread
When you cut soft bread carelessly, it gets crumbly or does not look nice.  At that time, heat up the knife, and it will cut cleanly.  Stand the bread with its length side upwards and cut it from inside to outside, you will get clean cut slices.

60. Putting cube sugars together with biscuits for storage
In order to keep biscuits crispy, put a sugar cube in their storage can.  The sugar will soak the moisture inside the can keeping them crispy.

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