[Wisdom 7] Measuring the temperature in oil without a thermometer


61. Measuring the temperature in oil without a thermometer
Drop bits of batter into oil; when they fall to the bottom and rise to the surface, the temperature is about 140oC; if they scatter on the surface, the temperature is about 200oC.

62. When a kettle gets water fur
Put a handful of green tea leaves when you boil barley tea, which will prevent water fur completely.  In addition, do not throw away green tea bags; you can wipe greasy fry pans or dishes cleanly with them.


63. Removing fry pans of fishy smell
Add a drop of soy bean sauce and heat up the fry pan, and it will lose the smell. In addition, wash the knife that has been used to cut meat or fish in diluted vinegar water and then wipe the surfaces with a slice of radish.

64. Seasoning braised dishes to suit your taste
First add sugar and vinegar to a braised dish and then salt or soy sauce to season it to your taste.  Add other condiments to braised meat or vegetables when they are moderately boiled.

65. Preventing mirrors from getting fogged up
Rub soap over the bathroom mirror and wipe it out, and this will keep the steam from fogging the mirror up.  Shampoo will have the same effect as soap does.


66. Using a fork to uproot weeds
Use a fork to completely uproot weeds in your garden, for the fork can do more elaborate work than a shovel so it can get rid of them by far more easily.

67. Boiling and freezing ears of corn for storage
Corn is likely to get spoiled so it must be kept carefully. Shuck all of the corn ears, steam them, and freeze them.  You can steam some of them whenever you want to eat.  This will enable you to enjoy them for long.

68. When you buy a new piece of furniture
Spray waterproofing agent at a distance of 20~30cm, and it will prevent the furniture from getting dirty or stained helping you do easy cleaning.


69. If you want to preserve flowers in your vase for a long time
Put 2~3 coins in your flower vase, and they will last long; or mixing a little sugar and carbonic acid in the water will produce the same effect.

70. Preventing rice cake from sticking to the knife
When you cut rice cake, you can wrap you knife in a plastic sheet or wrap the rice in it before you cut the cake.  This enables you to cut the rice cake clean.

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