[Wisdom 8] When you disinfect blankets under the sun


71. When you disinfect blankets under the sun
As blankets tend to absorb a lot of moisture, you are advised to disinfect them regularly under the sun.  On cloudy days, you can cover them with a black cloth or plastic sheets to get them to absorb as much sunlight as possible.

72. How to use coffee grounds
As coffee grounds contain plenty of milk fat, you can collect and use them when storing knives and needles.  They do resist rust.

73. Making spoons shiny
If you want to polish old spoons and chopsticks, dip them in soda water.  You can make the solution by adding 3 large spoonfuls of soda to 1L water and dip spoons and chopsticks in it for a night.  You will get shiny utensils.


74. How to bone a fish
Cleaning a fish is not an easy job to do.  Cut a fish open and turn the body inside out, strike it several times, and you can debone it easily.

75. How to make economical use of the perfume that has seldom been used
Add a couple of drops of perfume to water when you rinse your hair for the last time, and you will be able to carry the perfume all day long.  When it is placed in a draw where letter paper is put, the perfume will find receivers when they receive your letters.  In addition, you can place the perfume in your wardrobe or closet.


76. Removing weeds from flower vases
You can get rid of weeds by pouring in your vase the water in which noodles are boiled and which has then cooled.  Give a milk carton or an empty yogurt bottle a rinse and pour the solution in your vase.  Stale coke can be used to remove old stain from the toilet bowl or the wash basin.  Stale or sour milk gives furniture a polish when it is used to wipe it.

77. How to take care of your flower vases when you are away for a long time
How can you take care of your flower vases when you are away from your home for several days? Bring a bucket full of water next to a flower vase and span a wet towel between the soil of the vase and the water of the bucket, in which case water is little by little supplied through the capillary action so as to keep the flowers or plants from getting dried up.

78. If you want flowers in a vase stay longer
Preserving flowers arranged in your vase for long includes burning the cut sections slightly or adding some neutral detergent in the water of the vase.  However, these methods can’t bring out good results when the temperature rises in the vase.  Frequently change the water in the vase with cold water, and the flowers will last for a longer time.


79. Does food stick to a fry pan?
Scorch salt on a fry pan until it becomes dark and then wipe it well.  And oil the frying pan and give it another try.

80. Using plastic wrap when cleaning the window
Spray detergent on the window pane stained with old dirt.  Put a sheet of plastic wrap over it and leave it for about 10 minutes. Take the sheet off and wipe the window with a cloth.  You can clean the dirt with ease because the wrap makes it rise.

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