[Wisdom 9] How to wash neckties


81. How to wash neckties
How can you wash neckties?  You should not rub them together, nor use a washing machine to wash them.  The best way to wash them is to spread them one by one on a flat ground and brush them softly to keep them from getting crooked.  Rinse, shake softly, and hang them to dry without giving a squeeze.

82. If you want to use glassware for a longer time
A best way is to heat-treat it.  When you purchase glass bowls, dip them in 10% saline and boil them.  This is a simple heat treatment.  Heat-treatment of glassware ensures resistance to breakage, more transparency, and long service life.


83. Putting stuck wrap in a freezer
You will sometimes find it very hard to locate the end of the wrap.  At that time, you can make it either hot or cold.  Just put the roll of wrap in a freezer and take it out to twist as if wringing it, and you will find the end easily.

84. Substituting a plastic bag for a funnel
You are likely to spill when you try to transfer a condiment like salt into a cruet. At that time, you can recycle the crisp condiment bag in place of a funnel. Cut out a corner of the bag in a triangular shape and insert a chopstick down the center, and you are able to transfer the condiment without spilling it.


85. Doing the dishes with leftover batter
The batter left from frying or making fritters is better used to do the washing of dishes. Dissolve the flour in lukewarm water and wash the dishes well. One thing to be attentive to is that too much flours cause the clogging of a drain; therefore, dissolve it in warm water for use in washing the dishes.

86. When you hiccup all of sudden
Hold your vocal cords between thumb and middle finger and press to stop breathing for a little while, and the respiratory rhythm changes bringing the hiccup to a stop.  When you feel a yawn coming on in a place where you have to refrain from it, clench your teeth or lick the upper lip with your tongue to keep it from escaping.


87. When you have a hard time to separate overlapped cups
For a piece of glassware, it is weaker to pressure imposed on both sides than on top or bottom side; that is why it is vulnerable to breakage.  If you happen to get two cups overlapped, dip them in warm water and pour cold water inside and leave them for a while.  And the outer cup expands while the inner one contracts easily separated from each other.

88. If you want to cook a fish, bone and all, it is better to lay beans under it
It is better to cook a fish including its bones. In order to prepare the fish with the bones, spread beans on the bottom of a pot on which pieces of fish are laid, and the fish gets adequately cooked and you can eat it all.


89. How to wash oysters freshly
Grind radish and dip oysters in it, and they will lose their sticky juice.  And put them in a sieve and immerse them in a weak saline solution a couple of times.  When you use your hands to wash them, they may get crushed.  It is important to rinse them in water without using your hands.

90. Removing the smell of bleach with vinegar
In order to take out the odor of bleach or detergent, add vinegar to the last rinsing water and dip the wash for a little while.  Finish the kitchen or bathroom with vinegar water to remove the odor after it is cleaned with bleach.

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