Basic Camping Equipment

Camping Equipment

Basic Camping Equipment, In order to enjoy pleasurable camping, people need a certain set of provisions basically including sleeping bag, light, and cooking facility for food. The auto-camping, having the vehicle by itself, may be furnished with chairs, tables and sorts additionally. The typical camping equipment list is shown below.

Tent Tarp

Tent / Tarp

01. Tent (For summer)
Mostly living under tarp in summer for camping, the appropriate sizes of tents and dome type tents are mostly used for convenience of installation and removing. It is also necessary to consider the complication of installing large size tent at those places like natural recreation forests.

02. Tent (For winter)
For winter season camping, the provisions for kitchen and living room spaces as well as the heating facility are necessary inside tent, which are often called as the ‘Living Room Tent’. The Living Room Tent is quite useful for camping all year round as long as no space limit in installing tent exists.

03. Ground Sheet
The Ground Sheet is primarily used to block moisture coming from ground, protect the floor cloth laid against rough ground, and prevent contamination by laying the sheet on ground inside the tent. The Ground Sheet is also called as a Footprinter or Ground Cloth.

04. Tarp (Tarpaulin)
The Tarp allows blocking hot sunshine or rain to build a living space, which is certainly an essential camping item particularly required in summer at a site with not enough shade of tree.

05. Peg
The plastic pegs furnished with tent are not that much useful except with soft soil, so equipping 20 cm long casted or forged steel pegs will be ideal for installing tent at any soil grounds. The tarps are mostly provided with pegs as default articles, where the casted or forged steel pegs of about 40 cm length are required for fixing main poles, and 30 cm for side poles.

06. String
The Strings suitable for stretching tarp or tent tight are included, when purchasing a tarp or tent. About 30~50 m long spare string of 3~5mm will be convenient for use of diverse applications.



01. Inner Mat (Tent Mat)
The convenience of Inner Mat made exclusively for camping is highly appreciated but it comes with high price tag as well, so people often use the relatively economy priced foam mats. Not effectively blocking moisture or chill coming from ground will make sleeping pretty uncomfortable no matter a good quality sleeping bag is used.

02. Air Mat
The most of campers use the Self-inflating Air Mat (Automatic Air Inflating Mat) filling air automatically upon opening of air cap, or the Air Mat building solid floor by filling air with many strings interconnected up and down inside the Air Mat. Depending on the quality of mat, some Air Mats are offered with expensive prices, so it is wise to carefully purchase appropriate Air Mat deliberating the extent of need required for comfortable sleeping.

03. Pillow
Considering the convenience of carrying, the air filling type pillows provided with cloth finishing for comfort are convenient.

04. Sleeping Bag
With no limit of loading in car, using the bed clothes used at home may be ideal as well. The sleeping bags provided with certainly appropriate performance will be an essential article for camping in winter season. It is recommended to choose the sleeping bags suitable for heating provision like electric blanket to be used inside the tent, depending on the personal body constitutions versus the environment.

05. COT
The Cots are often used for those campers accustomed to standing-up living, or to block the humid moisture in summer and chilly air in winter seasons from ground. Choose the right Cot fitting upon fully considering the convenience of carrying, installing and removing as well as the utilization.

06. Hammock
The Hammock is a great article for resting under the shade of tree, offering exciting fun for children, yet requiring paying attention for protection

Lighting Fixture

Lighting Fixture

01. Lantern
Two Lanterns are necessary, the one to light the entire camping site, and the other for dining table and kitchen. In addition, make a battery powered lantern available for lighting inside the Inner Tent. There are many variety of lantern products such as gas, white gasoline, electric and sorts are available.

02. Lantern Hanger
The self-standing type, and the products used as driven into ground or used as hooked on pole (an alias ‘Pigtail’) are available.

03. Electric Cord
The Electric Cord (Electric Wire Reel) will be necessary when using the electric lantern or any other purposes requiring to make the electric power available at a camping site.


01. Stove (Burner), Fuel
The Gas Stove is advantageous for convenience of use and storage, while the White Gasoline Stove is ideal for winter season camping. Yet the Gas Stove offers no trouble using it inside tent provided with suitable heating provision even in winter season, so people often use the Gas Stove a lot. Prepare sufficient fuel considering the time for use required.

02. Cooker (Kocher), Kettle
Use the kettle or pressure rice cooker as well as the fry pan or large steel plate used at home if no trouble exists in carrying inside car. Purchase a right kettle for acceptable carrying performance, while the stainless kettle offers great durability. Some kettles available in the market come with the cooker (Kocher), or when purchased separately, choose the product applicable to go inside the cooker.

03. Cooker (Kocher), Kettle
Use the kettle or pressure rice cooker as well as the fry pan or large steel plate used at home if no trouble exists in carrying inside car. Purchase a right kettle for acceptable carrying performance, while the stainless kettle offers great durability. Some kettles available in the market come with the cooker (Kocher), or when purchased separately, choose the product applicable to go inside the cooker.

04. Knife, Chopping Board
The knives used at home, and the Chopping Board made with polypropylene material are recommendable for use at a camping site.

05. Cooler (Ice Box)
The hard type Cooler (Ice Box) will provide acceptable insulation performance. In the event of having certain trouble of carrying a Cooler, it may be wise to use the soft type Cooler by buying the food and beverage around the camping site and folding the Cooler to reduce the carrying volume. The natural water bottles with water emptied a little and frozen inside the freezer for 3~4 days are excellent refrigerants, and the natural water melt will be of fresh drinking water.

06. Cruet
The Cruet can be bought separate, but using small glass bottle or empty drug bottle will also be good idea.

07. Dishwashing, Cleaner, Sponge Cucumber
Using a dishwashing bag containing kitchenware altogether is convenient to go for dishwashing. Use the soft sponge cucumber for stainless steel kitchenware in order not to make any scratches.

08. Water Pail
The expandable type of Water Pails offer good carrying performance but not easy to retain their contours. Unless otherwise having trouble in carrying, the hard type polyethylene water pails will be convenient for use at a camping site. The bag type water pails offer convenience for use by hanging on trees or poles.

09. Kitchen Towel, Aluminum Foil
When cooking the foods with lots of oil content, use the Kitchen Towel to wipe the oil off for convenience of dishwashing and protection of environment. The oil used must be kept in an empty natural water bottle or etc. taking it back home for disposal.

10. Foodstuff
Prepare the foodstuff in advance at home by each meal in separate zipper bags for cooking convenience at a camping site. If the time is permitted, buy the foodstuff from local marketplaces or supermarkets nearby the camping site to help supporting the local economy, enjoying a fair outdoor camping life.

11. Dining Table
Being the standing type living preferred for outdoor camping life, the Dining Tables are favored a lot. Choose and buy suitable tables fully considering the specific characteristics of each family from the variety of diverse sizes and heights.

12. Kitchen Table
The Kitchen Tables placing various kitchenware and stove provide high level of convenience. The Table System effectively connecting the Kitchen Table and Table together as a set is available for sale in the market.

13. Chair
Purchase the suitable sizes, quantities and types of Chairs in consideration of specific characteristics of family member. The chairs for dining table are of priority, and the mini size chairs added will be useful for rest allowing stretching legs or other various purposes such as the stand for Cooler and etc.

Heating Gears

Heating Gears (For winter)

01. Electric Blanket
Due to the limit of carrying capacity, the Electric Blanket is preferred rather than the electric mat.

02. Hot Pack
Placing a Hot Pack at a location where the feet lies inside sleeping bag will provide excellent heating for one night sleeping. Pay attention as the touching with bare skin may cause the low temperature burn injury.

03. Foot Warmer
The Foot Warmers are water pails containing boiled water, as wrapped inside packing bag, which are made with steel, rubber, and reinforced plastic.

04. Hot Water Boiler, Mat
The Hot Water Boiler and Mat can be bought from market, or as well can be privately made using the motor, kettle, silicone hose, and other accessories. The Hot Water Boiler and Mat are used at those camping sites sensitive to electromagnetic interference generated from electric blanket, or with no electric power availability.

05. Stove
There are variety of stoves available from indoor kerosene stove, fire wood stove, wood pellet stove, diesel oil stove, propane gas stove and etc. In general, people use the petroleum stoves for ease of installation and use, which is an essential item provision for heating inside of large size tent.

Fire Pot Barbecue Grill

Fire Pot, Barbecue Grill

01. Fire Pot
The fun of burning fire woods should be the real essence of camping. Being offered with many different types, prices and qualities, choose a suitable one for own purpose. The thin fire pot, called as Mini Fire Stand, can be a good choice for its low price allowing pretty good performance, though the shape may be deformed after use. There are two types of Grills available, the one for direct fire roasting as installed on the Fire Pot, and the other as adjustable height type.

02. Barbecue Grill
The Barbecue Grill is used for direct fire roasting as well as indirect roasting for smoking of meat. Careful deliberation on carrying capacity of car should be made in advance.

03. Dutch Oven
The Dutch Oven works well with gas or gasoline stoves, and allows diverse ways of cooking over a burning charcoal. Being a cast iron product, the Dutch Oven weighs pretty heavy requiring careful attention in maintenance to prevent from rusting.

04. Charcoal, Firewood, Torch
Make sure to prepare charcoal and firewood in advance, while the firewood is available for sale in most of camping sites.

Other Accessories

Other Accessories

01. Radio
The Radio is used to enjoy music or obtain weather forecast information. The smartphones are provided with all these functions these days, so people use a lot of portable speakers instead.

02. Car Provisions
Driver’s license, Vehicle Registration Card, Map, Vehicle tools, Fuses, Spare bulbs, Jumper wire, Field shovel, Hatchet : Choosing tent location, Building water trough around tent under rain (Make sure to restore the original condition before leaving the camping site.

03. Hammer
Used for driving pegs down, Wood chopping with hatchet.

04. Mat
The Mat is well used for variety of diverse purposes such as resting under the shade of tree, substituting the ground sheet on ground inside tent and others. Preparing a couple of aluminum foil mats as spare will be pretty convenient for camping outside.

05. Multiple Purpose Bag
Putting the props, miscellaneous articles, clothes and other miscellaneous articles in a Multiple Purpose Bag or keeping clothes in a Duffel Bag having no fixed shape offers convenience of storage by putting these bags in empty space of vehicle. Containing the kitchenware in a storage bag or box will be convenient for use and carrying the load.

06. Clothespin, Clothesline
Using the Clothespin and Clothesline for hanging laundry or sleeping bag by binding the strings on trees will be convenient for drying.

07. Newspaper
The bygone newspapers can be used for various purposes removing moisture, kindling, removing fat from tableware and others. Placing newspapers over underwear at an emergency situation provides excellent effect of keeping body warmth.

08. Toilet Articles
Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Comb, Soap, Towel and Lotion. Bending the wire cloth hanger and using it as a toilet paper hanger will offer convenience for campers.

09. Pocketbook, Writing Materials
For observation record, Travel diary, and Expense record.

10. First Aid Emergency Medicine
Disinfectant, Pain Killer, Adhesive bandage, Ointment, Burn Treatment, Anti-diarrheic, Digestive, Compress, Drug applying on vermin bitten area of skin, Mosquitocide and etc.

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