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The campers are, as we usually understand, those vehicles provided with certain convenience provisions allowing living inside, which are mostly quite expensive, and at the same time no parking in common underground parking lots due to their high vehicle top heights. The special trip travelling with family by rented camper will bring and stay as a fantastic memory, as the vehicle is furnished with all sorts of living provisions including beds as well as dining table, toilet and cooking facilities.

Camper Trailer

Camper Trailer, Camper Caravan
The Camper Trailer or Camper Caravan refers a trailer hauled by car, as made especially for camping at outdoor. These trailers are sorted by the product furnished with dwelling space like the campers, and the other product (Cargo Trailer) made for storage of equipment, which are usually parked as separated from the vehicles. Some trailers with high top height may not be allowed to enter in underground parking lots. There are two types of trailers, the one as a fixed hard box type capable of using instantly with no specific assembling process, and the other one, a folding type, keeping under storage or hauling as a folded, low top height, and use as unfolded as necessary for camping.
– Fixed Hard Box Type
– Folding Type
– Cargo Trailer

Roof Box

Roof Box
The Roof Box is installed on vehicle roof provided with roof rack or built-in roof bar, as used to offer more storage and loading space in addition to the car trunk. The Roof Box is made with primarily of reinforced plastic and fabric materials as an enclosure to install on the roof of vehicle preventing damage of loads against the sunlight, rain or wind. Using the Roof Box will provide expanded additional loading space to car trunk, but not able to load the articles with larger than the space size of Roof Box.

Hard Roof Box
The Hard Roof Box can be installed only when the horizontal roof bar is available on top of vehicle. The Hard Roof Box is well fit to the SUVs, and as well can be installed on the passenger sedan type cars with no troubles. The Hard Roof Box is not that heavy allowing any adults lift it up easily, yet it is still a little bit cumbersome to repeat installing and removing whenever necessary. The Hard Roof Boxes are mostly made in aerodynamically streamlined shapes considering the wind resistance, which in turn reduce the actual space to use versus the loading capacity.

Soft Roof Box
The Soft Roof Box is basically same with the Hard Roof Box, requiring the horizontal roof bar. The box is made of waterproof cloth (Mostly tarpaulin), allowing the ease of folding and storage, which can be unfolded with zipper. The Soft Roof Box is made of waterproof cloth sealing the jointing section up, yet the some rainwater may be soaked in along the zipper cover under rain. It is recommended to completely wrap and pack the sleeping bags and other articles subject to easily get wet with vinyl against heavy raining. The Soft Roof Box has certain advantages of easy installation and convenience of storage after detaching. However, being made with cloth, it may be risky to leave the Soft Roof Box as installed on the roof of vehicle parked outside, even though the box can be zipped up and locked.

Roof Bag

Roof Bag
The Roof Bag is a sort of big size bag allowing safe carrying of load, as installed on the roof of vehicle, which can be fixed by fastening the load with rope going through the ceiling of vehicle inside or with the fixed type rope as fastened on the tops of vehicle door openings for those vehicles not furnished with roof rail (roof rack). Depending on the types of products, there are some Roof Bags which can only be used with the built-in roof rail (roof rack installed along the vehicle driving direction, vertical bar).

Roof Top Tent

Roof Top Tent
The Roof Top Tent is a sort of tent to be installed on the roof of vehicle, requiring the horizontal roof rail (roof rack). The tent has an integrated solid mat on the floor of tent, provided with a big advantage allowing installing at any spot where the vehicle is parked with regardless of ground configuration. It is also relatively easy to open and fold the Roof Top Tent installed, yet it is required to drive the vehicle always as installed on the roof because of substantial work burden to install and detach. Still, against certain odd, using of Roof Top Tent gradually goes up recently. The users of Roof Top Tents can furnish the on-ground kitchen and dining table space by installing the optional awning provision.

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