Scissors Chestnut Hammer Nuts Walnut Crab Tweezing

Scissors for chestnut

Scissors for chestnut
Crack a chestnut shell safely, easily and readily like scissors.
There is no danger at all to incur when cracking a chestnut shell by the existing kitchen knife and fruit knife and the chestnut can be cracked easily like the function of scissors. Hold the shell by the blade of a pair of scissors that has a saw tooth and move the handle softly so crack the shell turning the chestnut round.
One side is a saw tooth, while the other side is a general blade As there is a locking device, it is handy to keep after using. (A state that locked the locking device) Once being from a corner, it gets stripped off well.

Hammer for nuts

Hammer for nuts

Hammer for nuts (gingko nut, pine nuts, walnut)
As it is made with a one body type casting rolled steel to crack the nuts shell easily, it is a hammer to crack nuts such as gingko nut, pine nuts and walnut shell at a time with ease. Since the handle and body is an integral type, it gives further soft and smooth feeling.

Scissors for crab

Scissors for crab
Since it is made with a strong stainless blade, it is convenient to cut crab, lobster etc.
It is convenient if cut by a pair of scissors then take by a fork.

Tweezing type scissors

Tweezing type scissors that cutting power is excellent
The top grade stainless steel has been used for the material of blade.
As the surface of the blade has been treated with SATIN, it is quite neat and tidy.

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