Down the type and Fill Power

Down the life
1) Goose Down – 20 years
2) Duck Down – 10 years

Down Fill Power
It is an index that shows elasticity of down or a power to resist against pressing power, most important attribute of down, by measuring how much 1 ounce(28.35gr) of down puff out in a fixed length of time

How to measure
1. Take 3 to 4 samples from one lot of down and mix up. Last sample  must not be over 500gr.
2. Take 1 ounce, 28.35gr, from 1).
3. Mix properly in the cylinder (dia 24.4cm x h50cm).
4. Lay a cover(weight 69.6gr) on it and then the down start to sink down.
5. Lift out the cover when the cover does not sink down any longer around 1 to 2 minutes from the start.
6. Down start to puff. Measure the volume when it does not swell up any longer. 12.2*12.2*3.14*height*467.4*H
7. Repeat measuring 2 to 3 times. Tolerance of error should be within 4.5%.

Fill power for each mix is as follows. (There can be a little difference per each sampling for a test)

The most common down jacket FP 550/650 level down is used.

How to tell high quality of down
1. Smell it to tell if the down was processed hygienically. Do not buy down of bad smell. (Generally there is a borne smell of down but bad smell tells bad quality)
2. Grab handful of down. Stringy touch feel tells that down is mixed with much grey-feather.
3. Take out from the preserver and swing 2-3 times.
4. High quality down puff out 50-70% and puff out completely within 30 minutes.
5. Cover clothe is also important. It should be a tight woven clothe to proof down and should not disturb elasticity of down.

How to keep
1. Keep unfolded as far as possible to extend life of down.
2. Down may be rotten with moisture. Dry off when down was wet. Keep in a place without moisture and with good ventilation.
3. Down may show lower functioning with fat and sweat from human body after using for a season.
4. It is easy to be contaminated around the neck, hood, and sleeve.
5. When contaminated, clean with a cleanser manufactured to protect down. Dilute the cleanser in warm water. Either washing by hand or washing machine will do. But washing by hand is recommended.

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  1. Thanks for the great information. I’ve been considering buying a down jacket and have been reading about duck vs goose down. I like to get all the details before I buy a product and this article is really helpful.

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