How to wash sleeping bags

Clean Sleeping bag

1. Do not wash sleeping bag
Cleaning of down(of a duck or a goose) results in lowering function of thermal insulating as chemical response deprive fat of feathers.

2. Do not wash by dry cleaning 
One may think in a wrong way that dry-cleaning may not be harmful to down but most critical to down is dry-cleaning. Down last for 50 years under proper care. But dry-cleaning should be avoided by any means as it destroys fill power(elasticity) with hight chemical content.

3. When cleaning is not avoidable
In case widely contaminated down must be cleaned, first of all, wipe off the contaminated parts with soft sponge using a neutral detergent up and down along with the texture of the clothe. Cleaning with a neutral detergent must be followed by rinse with clean water to get rid of remaining of a detergent. Do not rub or press strongly by any means.
In case of cleaning whole sleeping bag, dilute proper dose of detergent in cold water contained in the bath tub and then stamp with feet not so strong, that must be rinsed with clean water very carefully.
Down sleeping bag must not be put into a spin drier. Instead, put the cloth on the wicker basket or a like to dehydrate. Down may bind together to make a lump and does not restore even after dried off or the cover of a sleeping bag may be torn out.

4. How to care a sleeping bag
Do not get into a sleeping bag with socks wet by sweat. It causes bad smell in the sleeping bag and gives a chill with moisture in the sleeping bag. Change socks with new dry ones before getting into a sleeping bag.
Get rid of moisture and smell placing the sleeping bag in a sunny place inside out next day. In case a smell remains in the sleeping bag, put charcoal or use a spray that eliminate smell.
Dry off before packing for preservation.

5. Keeping when not using 
Most effective way to keep down sleeping bag is to take out from the keeping bag and to keep it in the closet. This way of keeping generate less smell by moisture and less decrease of fill power without being pressed down in a bag.
Keep in a wicker cover when keeping unused for long. This way of keeping is helpful to keep fill power and eliminating smells with natural ventilation.    Decrease of fill power results in decrease of thermal insulating function as pressed feathers cannot hold necessary amount of air pocket in the sleeping bag. After dry off, keep in shade with good ventilating to protect from smelling and malfunctioning of feathers.
It is good to uncover a sleeping bag and tab softly to allow feathers to breath.

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