How to keep outdoor supplies

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It’s time to keep outdoor supplies of which used for pleasant vacations & holidays. If you pay no attention to keep tent or sleeping bag etc., it may cause damage on functionality of goods such as water proof etc. and you need to take care of it carefully.

Please remove stains of sleeping bag by towel coated with neutral detergent

If sleeping bag is stained, you should remove it soonest possible since the inside of sleeping bag can be contaminated as time passed by. You quickly wipe out the stained part like picking-up it by towel coated with diluted neutral detergent and can remove the ingrained stain effectively by using brush. If whole of sleeping bag is sweated, please wash it by hand with neutral detergent, dry it in cool & windy place and then, keep it in sleeping bag pocket. You should zip sleeping bag shut and hang it over hanger so that it can be well ventilated for preventing smell.

Please dry tent in natural and then, keep it in well ventilated place

Please dry tent in assembled state under the shade of cool breeze. If you frequently wash it, the functions of water proof & repellent would be damaged, hard to sew up the part of torn by common thread and so, please wipe out the contaminated part only by soft sponge coated with neutral detergent or wet towel. When you put tent in keeping bag, it’s important to fold it with minimizing the folded spaces. If you fold it carelessly, it is wrinkled and may cause damage on waterproof tape in all over place of tent. If you put moisture remover or charcoal wrapped in newspaper with it, it will be a help.

Please clean up back pack as soon as you coming back home

Please cultivate a habit of cleaning up your backpack soonest possible after coming back from camping. If you leave backpack which used in outside during vacation as it is, the moisture of vacation place would remain in inside of backpack and may create bad smell. In severe case, it may go moldy. Backpack should be dried in sunny place so that backpack soaking wet with sweat or moisture in inside of backpack can be completely removed. After the moisture completely dried, please hang it upside down and keep it in place of shade.

Newspaper put in sandals removes bad smell

If you leave wet sandals after having fun in the water as it is, germs rapidly multiply. If you continue to wear such wet sandals, leather & other materials may easily damaged and create bad smell. Please shake and remove the soil from bottom of sandals and then, wipe out moisture part carefully with soft fabric. Please wipe out the severely contaminated part by running water and dry it in well ventilated & cool shade without fail. If you put newspaper or a piece of cloth wrapped in soda, green tea bag & used coffee grounds etc. and keep it, it is effective to remove moisture & bad smell.

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  1. There’s some really helpful information in this post. I especially like the idea of wrapping baking soda or green tea in fabric or newspaper and placing it inside shoes to keep them smelling fresh. Most backpacks can be washed when they get really bad – I’m thinking kids school backpacks here, but it’s better if you have a front loading machine which is gentler on items. Good tip about the tents too, as we have a tendency to just stuff them into their bag rather than folding.

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