The Processing Korea Ginseng

There is red ginseng and white ginseng, both of which preserve the original qualities of the plant.

1. Red Ginseng

Red ginseng is made by heating and drying fresh ginseng to preserve it:


2. White Ginseng

White ginseng retains the original form of the ginseng root. It is dried until the water content is below twelve percent. Fresh ginseng more than four years old is used.

1) Sorts of White Ginseng
White ginseng is sorted according to its shape and the manufacturing process.

Regular Ginseng

Miniature-sized Ginseng

2) Manufacture of White Ginseng
① Erect Ginseng and Semi-curved Ginseng

② Curved Ginseng

3. Tae geuk sam

Made by soaking fresh ginseng in hot water and then drying. The color is preserved like that of original ginseng.

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