Hand Therapy – Needles Usage


Hand Therapy – Needles Usage


1. Prepare the needles and the dispenser.
2. Put the heads of the needles toward the ground and hold them. Rip or cut the plastic bag and take out the needles. Be careful not to drop the needles.
3. Put the needles aslant in the needle container. (If the needles are put vertically, they might be bent when the lid is put back)


4. Hold the needle without touching the pointed tip of the needle.
5. Hold the dispenser with the head of the dispenser toward the ground. Insert the head of the needle into the dispenser.
6. After putting in the needle, hold it vertically. Use your index finger to lift the head of the dispenser slightly. The higher it is lifted, the deeper the needle is inserted. Lift the head of the dispenser two-thirds and hold it tight. When a dispenser is held vertically, the needle stays inside, because of the magnet in it. Even though the magnet holds the needle, do not shake or move it suddenly.


7. Find the corresponding point and place the dispenser on the right point vertically. Keep the index finger at the regular interval.
8. After placing the dispenser on the corresponding point, remove the index finger. The head of the dispenser drops. This helps insert the needle into the skin about 1-2mm. Don’t move the dispenser immediately after moving the finger. Hold it and stay for 1 or 2 seconds. (If you take off the dispenser when the index finger is removed, the needle might fall instead of standing)
9. Lift the dispenser when you have a feeling that the needle is inserted. If the needle isn’t inserted deep enough, use the index finger to lift the head of the dispenser slightly and let it fall once or twice more before taking off the dispenser. The needle should stand straight. Sometimes the needle might lean about an angle of 60 degrees. This is acceptable. But if thee needle leans with an angle of 45 degrees, that means the needle isn’t inserted deep enough. Try to put the needle in again.


10. For the first time, you should practice applying the needles on the sponge in the needle container, lifting and dropping the head of the dispenser, before applying acupuncture on the hands.

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