[Tip 1] Camping guide for a novice camper – Tent


Camping guide for a novice camper – the 10 Camping Tips

When you want to go camping, do you not know how to prepare for it? Here are ten camping tips even novice campers can apply easily. Let’s find out now.

Nowadays camping is a popular. A lot of people, including camping lovers, want to leave their cities to find camping sites in order to enjoy the fun of camping as well as healthy nature around the country. However, for the novice campers, camping can’t be only enjoyable and fun activities. Campers are situated at a situation where they have to prepare themselves for everything yourself or make everything for yourself and thus faced with tasks that would not be easy at all ; they should be skilled at how to cook and how to set up a tent. We are introducing ten camping tips that can be applied easily to a novice camper who has no idea about how to prepare but wants to leave now.

Tip 1. How to install a tent



The living-room type tent (living shell) for a general purpose has spacious living room and high ceiling, thus enabling stand-up living. The tent can become bedroom, living room, and kitchen. First of all, you need to check installation components from the tent first. A tent is composed of a main body, an inner tent a pole set, strings, and pegs in general. Make sure that there are no missing parts. Now start to have a full-fledged components installed. Unfold the main body and put them on the proper flat land. You need to make a binding of tent poles for pre-installation.

The rear main pole shall be combined first. After placing it in a sleeve, you need to couple the lower end with the end of the fixing clip. On completing the assembly, you will erect a tent up and insert holders of the main body to each pole. The front main pole also is assembled in the same way as the rear main pole. The holder will be fitted even at the cross part of the front pole and the rear pole.


The sub-pole is combined on sleeve at the doorway of the tent side in the same way as the main pole has been done. Combine the loop pole with a ring on the ceiling inside the tent, and make a shape. Lastly insert a peg into the ring at the bottom of the tent and secure the tent to the ground. Adjust the direction of the inner tent after confirming the location of the main entrance. The rings at the upper and lower body of the inner tent are hooked into linking rings at the rings at the upper and lower body of the main body. Adjust the left and right webbing on the inner tent and pull tightly the webbing. Finally, lift up and insert an uprighting pole to a hole at the end. Using strings and pegs, you can fix the uprighting pole on the ground and then the setup of the tent is complete.

Camping guide for a novice camper – the 10 Camping Tips
Tip 1. How to install a tent
Tip 2. Ready for winter camping equipment
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Tip 7. How to use brazier and grill
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  1. I have so many memories of my dad fighting to put together a tent when we would go camping. It seemed no matter how many times we’d done this, he’d still have trouble setting the tent up — who knows why it never clicked? Too bad the Internet wasn’t really a big thing back then, he could have used this website and YouTube to help him out 🙂

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