[Tip 6] Camping guide for a novice camper – Stove

Tip 6. Stove Types and Precautions


Winter is the most romantic season for campers. A saying, “Three generations’ virtues can make the campers see the snow on the camping site”, means that winter camping is very romantic. However, many things need to be prepared for the cold winter camping due to cold. We recommend that you prepare a heater because a tent doesn’t have almost any insulation. A heater are classified as oil stove, firewood stove, and gas stove according to the criteria of type of fuel. An oil stove is easy and convenient to carry and its disadvantages are inside-air contamination.


Although a firewood stove has some disadvantages such as installation of a separate stovepipe and it big volume, the internal air is pleasant and the operation is the most stable. You can use a gas stove for both cooking and heating purpose. However, whichever stove you may use, you will be sure to turn off before going to sleep. This is because the active stove may cause suffocation or fire while the user is sleeping.


Which means that you minutes to start the first camping, please try a kerosene heater or gas stove while enjoying a camping depending on personal preference, I want to be good you want, you use a pellet stove or firewood stove.

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