[Tip 7] Camping guide for a novice camper – Brazier & grill

Tip 7. How to use brazier and grill


We cannot miss the ‘fire play’ among the list of the pleasures of camping. Romantic is the landscape in which the mood of your campfire wraps around your atmosphere indeed. But you need to pay attention. Did you know that campfire’ that puts the fire on the ground is the main cause of environmental destruction? This is because the spores of bacteria killing the trees are usually grounded and dormant in the soil will emerge into a surface and germinate if a campfire or cooking cause the ground temperature to rise to 40 ~ 60 ℃.


So this should be avoided and thus you need to use the brazier and grill.


The brazier plays a role to make space to make a fire place and the grill helps make the cooking. To ease the fire making, we recommend using a complexing agent or twigs. After using the brazier and grill, remove ashes and clean and rinse with water. Especially if the meat is cooked, the grease and the ashes will stay on the grill. Remove after use or you will have discomfort in a following usage

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