[Wisdom 1] Spreading margarine to leftover ham for storage


1. Spreading margarine to leftover ham for storage
The ham left after cooking gets discolored at the cut section or loses its taste. You can add some margarine to the cut surface of the ham to prevent it from getting spoiled or decayed.

2. Sour milk spreads on cold water.
If you suspect that your milk has spoiled, just add a few drops to cold water. It spreads across the water and makes it cloudy if it has been sour.  If it does not spread but sinks down, it is deemed to be fresh.

3. Utilizing milk cartons for disposing of used cooking oil
Make use of milk cartons when discarding used cooking oil.  Pack old newspaper in a carton and pour used cooking oil, when the paper absorbs the oil preventing it from flowing.


4. Making artificial flowers clean with salt
Put salt and artificial flowers in a plastic bag and shake them.  Dip them in water for a while and hang them dry, and they will be as clean as they were for the first time.


5. Scrubbing dirt off tiles with bleach (Clorox)
To remove old dirt stained between tiles, put paper towels and facial tissues in the tile lines, pour undiluted Clorox bleach, and leave it untouched for one night.

6. Stroking against the weaving direction and doing steam ironing
When the hip part of trousers turns glossy, brush in the opposite direction of the texture to make plies stand up and then press it with plenty of steam.


7. Spraying flour and wiping out oil
When oil is spilt over the floor, spray flour on it and sweep it with a broom before cleaning it with neutral detergent.


8. Unclogging a shower head with vinegar water
When a shower head does not work properly, dip it in a solution having a 6: 1 ratio of water and vinegar, and the holes will open up.


9. Keeping oranges good in old newspaper
To keep oranges fresh for a longer time, place pieces of newspaper on the bottom of a box and arrange oranges on it and repeat the process to place them over the layer.


10. Preventing flower from withering by spraying bleach
Add one or two drops of chlorine bleach in the water of a vase in order to keeping flowers stay longer.  The sterilizing power prevents germs from latching on to flowers.

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